Web Application Development

The web applications we create

Enterprise systems: ERP, CRM, PLM, inventory and purchasing management, order processing

We help to automate your staff’s daily activities, boost in-company cooperation and facilitate management so that you can focus on more advanced business issues.

Platforms for external collaboration: customer, partner, vendor, learning, community and other portals

We provide functionality that enables efficient e-communication for better user engagement and long-term relations with customers, partners and vendors

Public online service platforms

We have advanced our competencies in diverse online services with rich functionality and responsive UIs, such as:

  • Platforms for online consulting
  • Multimedia storing and processing solutions
  • Booking solutions
  • E-commerce applications
  • Payment systems, cashback services
  • Tools for near-real-time translation, bond portfolio management, and more

Industry specific solutions: web applications for healthcare, telecoms, retail, banking and financial services

Our industry experience makes us competent in delivering solutions that solve specific business challenges. The web applications we developed now ease patient examination and treatment for US health organizations, as well as ensure prompt interdepartmental communication for restaurant chains, to name a few examples.

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A personal approach to every customer is our business motto. Applying the Software Development Life Cycle, at the start of every project our team of experienced Business Analysts (BA) researches into the customer business, gathers and clarifies requirements to ensure that developers tailor a solution that meets the customer’s needs.

In accordance with the project requirements, we agree with the customer on the most appropriate development methodology - waterfall or agile, and the cooperation model – fixed-price or time-and-material.

In addition to development, SEOVIRTUALS International offers deployment (data migration and integration) and further maintenance of the software.


We work with a wide variety of web application technologies for front-end, back-end and database development.

Front end: HTML, CSS, JavaScript (Angular, React, Backbone, Meteor, etc.)

Back end: PHP, ASP.NET, Java

Databases: MS SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle

SEOVIRTUALS International keeps up with innovations in front-end development to meet the growing user demands for interactivity and ease of use.

With cost-efficiency and high performance in mind, we also choose back-end technologies that suit best your business requirements. A small community portal will work well with a PHP back end, while for a complex solution for hundreds of thousands of users (e.g. corporate applications or booking systems) we recommend Java or ASP.NET development.

Uncertain what technology to choose? Contact us for a free consultation.   

WHY SEOVIRTUALS International?

  • We understand your needs: IT, Domain experience and a strong team and professionals bring us in our element when working on industry-specific projects
  • Optimum technological solutions:
    • Striving for high performance, from pre-coding on, we develop architectures for hitting performance goals
    • We apply the latest technologies to support long-standing efficiency of your web application
    • We deliver bug-free solutions due to internal testing
  • User-friendly UI: close cooperation between developers and our in-house UI design team focused on UX
  • Integration with your systems: substantial experience in delivering software integration services
  • Long-term maintenance services: stable performance for 27+ years makes us a reliable partner for long-term cooperation
  • No vendor lock-in: Thanks to a high-quality and well-documented code that is easy to understand and maintain, SEOVIRTUALS International's customers don’t depend on us and can switch to another vendor at any point
  • Reasonable prices:
    • Predominantly in-house development with less than 2% of work subcontracted
    • High-quality coding that results in fewer reworks 
  • Delivery within time and budget limits: owing to a substantial industry experience, SEOVIRTUALS International offers mature processes to stick to a project budget and timetable